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CAUTION - Some of these herpes pictures are graphic.

The herpes simplex virus is also an extremely contagious micro organism. Any part of the body can be infected and the outbreak will look very similar to the picture below. A sample of this taken by a medical doctor can easily confirm if this is the herpes simplex virus or not.

Shown: lips (skin)

What herpes simplex looks like

Image source: Prof. Dr. Fartasch, Dermatologische Universitätsklinik Erlangen;
supervision: Prof. Dr. Simon

Herpes simplex outbreak
Herpes on the butt
Cold Sore Puss

Image source : Afraid To Ask 

patient age: 54 years, patient sex: male

Herpes hand picture

Patient: male, 24 y/o;

Herpes blisters on body

Image source: FotoArchive (selected by Dr. Bauer);
supervision: Prof. Dr. Simon

Herpes Nose Outbreak
Herpes Sore Inside The Mouth
Blister Of Herpes Lips
Crusted Herpes Blisters

patient age: 15 years, patient sex: male

Tongue herpes

Patient: male, 29 y/o; Shown: head

Herpes facial outbreak

Image source: Case reports (selected by Prof. Dr. Simon), Dermatologische Universitätsklinik Erlangen;
supervision: Prof. Dr. Simon

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